This wedding is near and dear to my heart. My cousin Ariane married her longtime love, Joe, in a backyard ceremony at her mother's home in Charlevoix this summer. It was small and sweet and a true team effort - my cousin Abby did her hair and Ariane's sisters helped with everything from decorations to food, music and childcare. I got a huge kick out of photographing our family that day. Not to mention that Charlevoix is one of the most beautiful places in Michigan - it was just a short walk to the lovely field where we shot their bridal portraits. Ariane and Joe have such a comfortable, playful and loving partnership. Instead of the nervous, excited energy of many newlyweds, they radiated deep happiness and contentment at finally declaring publicly what they have known for years now -  that they love each other and their children and want nothing more than to spend the rest of their lives together. Love you guys!! 



Beautiful day, amazing pics!!!
5.Ellen(non-registered) look amazing.....and happy lol.....such a beauiful peaceful wedding love it!!! Congrtulations to you both wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
I am so so sry I couldn't be there. But Kate you did an amazing job made me well up in tears. I love you all!
2.Alexis Antinossi(non-registered)
Miss Kate
my girls will tell you that when you give mom a gift,
if she cries you know you got it right.
You made me cry. Thank you not just for your beautiful work.
But thank you also for your patience and love In making the special day
even more memorable by doing what you do.
I love you! You
1.Melissa Sayers(non-registered)
Kate - The pictures are amazing, absolutely stunning! You captured every moment so perfectly, and your calm throughout the chaos was amazing. Love you! xoxo
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