The Dewey Family | Greenfield Village

Ok, ok, I'm about a million months behind here. But I think it's nice to see a summer session right now. If you're anything like me, you're at the end of your rope when it comes to winter weather. Remember when it was nice and warm and green? Speaking of green - people in Dearborn, Livonia, Taylor etc! Book your family session at Greenfield Village! It's such a beautiful, special location and a pleasure to work at. If you're a member, you can just walk right in and have your session anywhere in the Village. If you're not, just pay regular admission - I'll meet you there and we'll have a blast doing your session and then you can treat your kids to some ice cream and a carousel ride for being such good sports! There is a beautiful covered barn, gardens, willow trees, the carousel, vintage cars, old-timey porches! So much to love. 


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