Grand Rapids Wedding with Jami!

Is there anything better than doing a job you love? How about doing a job you love that's all about love? How about doing a job you love with a wonderful friend? Whenever I work with Jami Carlson (and that's pretty much at every wedding), we have such fun together! 

One of the benefits of working with another photographer in a partnership is that you become accustomed to each other's shooting style and approach. You also develop complicated secret hand signals that help you flawlessly coordinate coverage during the wedding day. Ok, so we're still working on that one. But the effect is there! Since beginning work together 2 years ago, we've developed into a true tag team. Now all we need are sweet matching costumes and some badass wrestler names. You want us in your corner! 

Enjoy these photos I took while second shooting for Jami this past fall! 


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