lemonade stand!

Every year our subdivision has a community garage sale. Every year, my kids ask if they can do a lemonade stand. Every year I am insufficiently prepared. But not this year! I actually thought about it before hand, so I had lemonade, strawberries and plastic cups on hand. Cordelia and Nicholas drew their own sign and manned the table pretty much by themselves. Nicholas cut the strawberries to garnish the cup (a huge hit) and Cordelia poured the lemonade. They took turns shouting LEMONADE! and 25 CENTS A GLASS! for about 2 hours. Luckily it was a hot day (and their friends were out and about and very thirsty) and by the time we'd run out of lemonade, they'd made 12 dollars. They were both very proud and excited and quickly shared the love at all their friend's garage sales. 



They are just too cute! I remember me and my brother doing this when we were kids. We used to take everything so seriously. haha Our lemonade was the best! I love the photos:)
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